About Us

Red Bloom is a collective of communists that aims to develop revolutionary praxis relevant to the present conjuncture in New York City and, wherever possible, internationally and/or transnationally.

We recognize that workers movements as such have been in a state of relative decline since the end of the 1970’s ( the rate of strike action has declined by 90 percent since 1977).  Economic crisis has given way to cynicism and collaborationism with the bourgeois state, undermining the militancy of the traditional left in the United States and elsewhere.

Nonetheless, we have seen in recent years new forms of collectivity and collective action such as the rise of the so-called political strike (A Day Without an Immigrant, A Day Without a Woman) and national as well as local social movements like Occupy and Black Lives Matter and neighborhood fights against gentrification.

We are especially optimistic about the direction of a renewed militant feminism, especially insofar as it can break with prevailing Left orthodoxy that champions an often racist, sexist, xenophobic, anti-black image of the working class. We are well aware that this problematic legacy plagues the Left, and seek to make space for institutionalizing the lessons from past Communist and workers movements who have successfully built inclusive militant left organizations and milieus.

We take cues from the organizational and theoretical innovations of Marxist/materialist Feminisms and Anti-racist/Anti-colonial Communist movements. Red Bloom actively seeks to engage with individuals and organizations that find common ground with our Points of Unity and orientation toward practical work. Red Bloom members are encouraged to participate in working class organizations and to develop a revolutionary orientation within and outside of the collective.

To get in contact with Red Bloom: A Communist Collective NYC, email us at: Redbloom.nyc[at]gmail.com.